Posted by in News on November 6, 2015

Why do the police still tell women that they should avoid getting raped?

UK: “Women warned after Gainsborough assault.” “Police warn women walking alone after riverside incident.” “Serial sex attacker strikes again as ninth victim is assaulted and police warn women to be on their guard.” “Police issue warning to women not to walk or travel alone after woman grabbed in latest incident.” “Fugitive rapist: women urged not to walk alone as chilling footage at Manchester airport released.”

The idea of advising women not to walk or travel alone in an area where there has been a sexual assault might seem straightforward at first glance, but not everybody has the luxury of a car. So what is the impact of issuing such advice? It starts to suggest to the general public that, specifically in cases of sexual assault, victims should be taking responsibility for their own safety and, implicitly, may be partly to blame if they are attacked.

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Source: The Guardian