Rights-based Programing

Rights-based programs strive to achieve social justice by addressing the core driver of VAW. They are based on an analysis and understanding of power and its strong link to human rights. This means promoting the use of positive power within our own individual lives, our workplaces, and the communities in which we work.

As we create programs to address VAW, it is important to constantly ask ourselves, do our programs encourage people to recognize their power within? Are we making an effort to draw attention to ways in which people use power over others and how it can negatively affect the lives of individuals and communities? Does our work bring people together, and encourage meaningful collaboration between groups and individuals? To what extent does our work foster activism – believing that every individual can and must do something to prevent VAW? All of these questions are central for a rights-based approach to VAW prevention, and our ability to unravel the structures that permit violence in our societies.