What is a rights-based analysis of  VAW prevention?

A rights-based analysis of VAW:

  • Recognizes violence against women as an issue of social justice, i.e. it seeks to build a world that is equal and fair for women and men.
  • Advocates that VAW must not be accepted, tolerated, or justified under any circumstances.
  • Explores and deconstructs the systems that promote and uphold violence against women as “normal.”
  • Maintains that men’s power over women is a core driver of VAW and that to effectively address VAW we must address this power imbalance.
  • Understands that VAW affects us all but has the most direct and dangerous consequences for women.

By accepting a rights-based analysis of VAW, we are able to create ethical programs that honor the equality between women and men and affect more meaningful, lasting change. We lift our hearts and minds above the injustices of the past and reach towards a future where women and men balance power to create happier, healthier families and communities.

The VAW Prevention Network fosters a shared analysis of violence against women by exploring the following ideas: