Network Publications

Our Network publishes a variety of tools and resources, which help create and strengthen shared analysis among members. These resources are specifically designed to help increase enthusiasm, passion and commitment for our collective understanding of what fuels VAW, as well as offer opportunities to explore and strengthen your own analysis of what drives VAW and its consequences.All of our materials are free and available for non-profit use. Please contact us at for more information, or to request hard copies!


Get Moving!

Get Moving! is a powerful reflective process for Network members to strengthen their understanding and commitment to the core values of violence prevention work. It is packaged in a format that makes it easy for facilitators to guide organizations through value-driven workshops. Workshop participants and facilitators are provided resources, lessons, and activities to help you lead your own process of change! This process can help you and your team get inspired, get motivated, get strong and Get Moving! toward effective VAW prevention. Read more and download here.



In Her Shoes

To truly understand the life and experiences of another, we must first walk a mile in their shoes. In Her Shoes is an interactive, educational exercise used in a workshop setting to help participants connect to the day-to-day reality for women experiencing violence. The Toolkit provides a detailed handbook to guide facilitators and raises our awareness, deepens our empathy, and compels us to take action. Read more here.


GBV Prevention Network Member Spotlight

This publication celebrates the Network’s 10th anniversary by featuring the amazing members, friends and allies who have joined in our journey to prevent violence against women. The booklet shines the spotlight on women and men who embody the heart and soul of our activism, devoting their lives to preventing violence against women in their homes and communities. Download a copy here.


GBV Retreat 2012_Page_012

 Traveling from our Heads to our Hearts Retreat Scrapbook

If you were unable to attend the Network Retreat in 2012, this scrapbook will give you insights into our revitalizing three-day journey! This booklet is filled with downloadable tools, information, and memories from our time getting re-energized and reconnected with our values. Download a copy here.


essentials of feminist 2AB

Feminist Counseling Brochure

Seeking some new ideas to help strengthen your counseling skills? Looking for a way to integrate analysis of gender, power dynamics, and social injustice to improve your work with survivors?  This brochure can get you started with pointers and techniques that will help you include subjects like gender and power in therapeutic sessions. It is derived from a Network feminist counseling workshop that was delivered by Nisaa Institute for Womens Development. Download a copy here.

Could We? Should We?

What does it mean to prevent violence?  Can we stop the different kinds of violence against women we see in our communities? This booklet introduces the thought provoking dialogue that led to the birth of the GBV Prevention Network’s movement building initiative, Get Moving! Download a copy here.


Strengthening Regional Work on Gender-Based Violence

If you are interested in unifying the worlds of theory and activism, this publication may offer you some ideas about where to start. This report presents the background, findings and insights of a unique program designed to address gender-based violence through collaborations between research institutions and community-based organizations in the Horn, East and Southern Africa. Download a copy here.



Preventing Gender-based Violence in the Horn, East and Southern Africa: A Regional Dialogue

Interested in the history of the Network? This publication follows the Regional Dialogue on GBV Prevention held in Kampala in 2003. It highlights the work of over 15 organizations that thrive in community mobilization, awareness raising, engaging men, media, strengthening community-based institutions and bridging the gap with local authorities. Download a copy here.



Perspectives on Prevention– Network Newsletters (2004 – 2012)

Are you new to the Network, or just interested in learning more about our work, events, and vision? Check out our newsletters in this archive and witness the growth and success of our movement! Download copies below:

Issue 1          Issue 7          Issue 12          Issue 18

Issue 2          Issue 8          Issue 13          Issue 19

Issue 3          Issue 9          Issue 15

Issue 4          Issue 10        Issue 16

Issue 6          Issue 11        Issue 17


Building Connection Movement Activism for ending Violence against Women

Raising Voices and JASS convened a meeting for  Global South activists working on movement building in Kampala in February, 2018 to share tactics, strengthen relationships, consider collaborations and exchange challenges and ways of overcoming them. This convening report highlights strategies for movement building in the Global South, critical issues for feminist movement building and intentions for collective activism. Download the report here.