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Uganda: ‘Curvy’ Tourism Campaign Rattles Feminists

Uganda is on the hunt to find the next Miss Curvy, as part of a new beauty pageant to attract more tourists. However, the campaign to promote its “naturally endowed nice-looking women” has sparked an uproar in the east African nation.

The pageant, unveiled on Tuesday, targets “women with big bums and hips”; an indicator referred to by the organisers as “True Ugandan Beauty.”

“Uganda is endowed with beautiful women,” Tourism minister, Godfrey Kiwanda, the one pushing the initiative told AFP news agency on Thursday.

“Their beauty is unique and diverse. That’s why we decided to use the unique beauty, the curves… ” added Kiwanda.

Yet the proposal to add “curvy and sexy women” to official literature that lists Uganda’s attractions, has angered women’s rights activists.

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Source: All Africa

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