Research and M&E

The aim of this group is to strengthen the capacity of Network members to undertake quality and ethical research on VAW, and to effectively monitor and evaluate VAW programming. By participating in this group you will have access to skills-building opportunities for conducting ethical VAW research, collaboration on joint research projects, and sharing of existing and newly-generated research and M&E frameworks in the field of VAW prevention.


This group’s past research capacity building activities were coordinated by Medical Research Council South Africa, Liverpool VCT Care and Treatment (LVCT) and Program for Appropriate Technologies in Health (PATH). The Thematic Action Group has worked to strengthen research capacity among over 130 activists and practitioners throughout the region through the following activities:

  • 2010 Training for Strengthening Skills in Researching VAW,
  • 2009 Training in Researching GBV,
  • 2009 GBV Research Initiative,
  • 2008 Training for Strengthening Skills on Research on VAW,
  • 2007 Training on Strengthening Skills for Research on GBV.


In addition to training workshops this group worked with various institutions to strengthen the research skills of activists within the region. This initiative worked in partnership with the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), in Washington, D.C. A call for concept papers was circulated to all members in February 2009, and out of 40 applications received five organizations were selected. All partners presented their research at the 2011 SVRI Forum, and were included in Strengthening Research and Action on Gender-based Violence in Africa a joint publication on the valuable lessons learned about strengthening VAW research capacity among activist organizations.


If you are interested in joining the group, please write to