2015 16 Days Campaign

Voice, Action – Now! Leading the way to end violence against women

This year’s campaign focuses on inspiring our leaders at all levels to take concrete action and end violence against women and girls. The 2015 regional theme is Voice, Action – Now! Leading the way to end violence against Women. In this campaign we are engaging with political, technical, religious and traditional leaders at local and national level. We are seeking to shift from policy and law as it is on paper to actual implementation for effective prevention of violence against women and girls (VAWG). In solidarity with 154 organizations across 20 countries in Africa will demand action from their leaders.

We are specifically calling upon policy makers, local and national leaders all over the region to:

1. Show Leadership by using their voice and their power to speak out and publically condemn violence against women and girls.

2. Develop or strengthen National/ Local Government Plans of Action to effectively prevent and respond to VAWG.

3. Establish a National/ Local Government Coordinating Mechanism that has sufficient authority and budget to develop, implement and monitor actions to address violence against women and girls.

4. Ensure that sufficient budgets have been provided for in National/ Local Government level Plans of Action to prevent and respond to VAWG.

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The 2015 Action and Advocacy Kit has been produced in English, French, and Swahili and will include:

1.Campaign Preparatory Worksheet: to help each organization plan, contextualize and clarify your campaign demands based on the regional campaign’s objectives.

2. Full color posters: The poster can be used at 16 Days events and to display in offices and other public spaces.

3. Poster Discussion Guide: Use the discussion guide with the poster to engage groups of 10 – 15 people in discussions.

4. Purple ‘Prevent Violence against Women’ ribbons: They can be used to draw attention to the issue, as conversation starters, and as a way to show solidarity.

5. 16 Days of Activism Campaign Stickers: To continue the activism throughout the year we have created a sticker with the slogan.

6. Power Point Presentation: This year ensure you engage policy makers at ministry level, local government levels and other leaders within your community. Use the Power point provided to make your presentation we have provided an editable version for you to contextualize and present the most relevant asks to your leaders.

7. Power Point Presentation Guide Notes: So you can better engage with the contents of the kit we have provided detailed notes around the main ideas within the Power Point presentation.

8. Campaign Press Release: A press release that you can issue as the campaign takes off! Use it for your press conferences, to send to all media houses in your city and to create storylines for an article in the newspapers.

9. Media Talking Points: The media is a powerful tool that can be used to create positive shifts in our society. During the campaign period use these talking points to ensure you are conveying a similar coherent message as you conduct your advocacy in the media.

10. Media Training Module: To further your media advocacy, we have included a one day training module for you to engage with editors and journalists of key media houses.

11. Public Event Guide: Public events are one of the ways of calling attention to an issue and generating mass momentum. Use this guide to organize a vibrant event in your community.

This year, we also translated the full color poster into 5 languages to increase momentum around the region. Take a look:

16 days poster 06 - web

16 days poster 06 - web

16 days poster 06 - web

16 days poster 06 - web

Download the 2014 campaign report here

Download the 2015 campaign report here