2013 16 Days Campaign

This year’s campaign drives us to reconnect with the positive power in all of us to prevent violence against women. We bring this theme to life with the slogan, “Power! We all have it! How are you using yours?”

The 2013 regional theme focuses on redefining power between women and men. We will challenge common societal beliefs and practices that promote men’s power over women and identify positive alternatives.

In solidarity with 125 organizations from 20 countries throughout the region, our goal is to explore the ways in which we all have power, and how we can use it positively to create happy and healthy relationships and communities.

16 days English poster

The kit will include:

This year, we also translated the full color poster into more than 10 languages to increase momentum around the region. Take a look:

16 days Amharic  poster16 days Chichewa poster16 days French poster16 days IsiXhosa poster16 days Kinyrwanda poster16 days Ndebele poster16 days Portuguese poster16 days Setswana poster16 days Somali poster16 days Swahili  poster
16 days Shona poster

Download the 2013 Campaign Report here.