2012 16 Days Campaign

Question Violence against Women! Start Asking, Start Changing

The regional 16 Days of Activism Campaign is on its way! The Network encourages member organizations in the Horn, East and Southern Africa to join in solidarity, speak with one voice and highlight the issue of violence against women as a human rights violation across the region.

This year the regional theme will focus on how we can question violence against women in our communities. Over 100 members voted on the theme of “community responsibility” which emphasizes the ability of communities to work together to prevent violence against women (VAW) by questioning our own community norms that perpetuate violence. We bring this theme to life with the slogan “Question Violence against Women! Start Asking, Start Changing.”

When we start asking the hard questions: — What perpetuates violence in our communities? —How are we speaking out against violence? —-How do we support survivors? Then positive change beings.

Forty five collaborating organizations from 10 countries in the region have received an Action and Advocacy Kit full of dynamic campaign materials.

Download copies of the materials for use in your campaigns below:


Full color poster: the poster can be used at 16days events, and to display in offices and other public spaces. To spark critical thinking.


Stickers are vibrant pieces used to generate awareness  and show solidarity in preventing violence against women: a mini sticker has been produced  for distribution to NGO staff, government officials and the general public to stick at the back of their cell phones, driving mirrors, etc. And a bigger sticker for display in larger spaces e.g. walls, computers, cars, bikes etc.

Sticker chat guide: The sticker has been paired with a guide to initiate discussion around the theme. As the sticker is distributed to groups of people, the chat guide is used to inspire several ways of questioning violence against women so that recipients really connect with the sticker.

Community Connections: Here is a unique and visual exercise which uses a roll of string to help foster an understanding of the ways our social norms impact the well-being of women, men and the whole community. The exercise is meant to inspire us to take action. It is a great exercise to introduce the campaign theme to your staff and other groups too.

Card game: A highly interactive exercise that provides community members opportunity to ask the questions, answer them and collectively agree on the benefits of non-violence. You can use it with groups of people living in the same community.

SMS Campaign Text Messages: A set of suggested SMS messages to help you engage people using mobile phone technology throughout the 16 -days campaign period.

Download the Campaign report here.