2010 16 Days Campaign

Engaging Faith-based Communities to Prevent Violence against Women

As the GBV Prevention Network continues with its commitment to increase action and advocacy on GBV Prevention in the Horn, East and Southern Africa; This year’s 16 Days of Activism theme challenges religious leaders, communities of faith, and individual believers to think critically about how their faith views violence against women, and to act to prevent it. A research that was conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life notes that sub-Saharan Africa is one of the most religious places in the world. Because religion is such an important cornerstone of life in our region, faith based communities could have a significant influence on how people view violence against women.


In preparation for this annual campaign, 80 member organizations of the GBV Prevention Network received:

  1. Up to 300 full color posters calling for commitment from everyone to prevent GBV;
  2. Up to 1500 “Prevent Violence Against Women” purple ribbons;
  3. A copy of the SASA! film and discussion guide for screening in communities of faith;
  4. Ideas for developing public displays to prevent violence against women which culminate in a community action;
  5. press releasewhich explains how the prevention of violence against women is a tenet of all faiths and demands individual and community action;
  6. Talking points for an interfaith sermon about preventing violence against women that can be used by a variety of religious leaders during 16 Days of Activism;
  7. fact sheet explaining how a variety of faith perspectives and religious texts support family harmony and non-violence; and
  8. strategizing session guide for staff to develop creative and grassroots methods of “unpacking” the 16 Days Kit for use in their own communities.

80 member organizations of the GBV Prevention Network received the 16 Days of Activism 2010 kit. 



Read the 2010 Campaign Report here.