2006 16 Days of Activism Campaign

Violence, HIV and Young Women’s Vulnerability

Building on the international theme, the 2006 GBV Prevention Network campaign emphasized young women and their greater risk for both GBV and HIV. The 2006 GBV Prevention Network theme was: “Violence, HIV and Young Women’s Vulnerability”.

The Network had 25 participating member organizations.

2006 Poster

Each of the selected organizations received an Action and Advocacy Kit containing:

  • Up to 200 full color mini-posters calling attention to a young woman’s increased risk for both violence and HIV infection.
  • Up to 3000 “Prevent Violence Against Women” purple ribbons.
  • Flyers about the purple ribbon campaign.
  • newspaper article on how a young woman is at increased risk of experiencing violence and contracting HIV.
  • community drama sketch outlining a community theater performance about young women’s increased vulnerability to GBV and HIV.

Learn more about the 2006 campaign here.