2005 16 Days of Activism Campaign

Men and Women Joining Hands to Prevent VAW and HIV/AIDS

The GBV Prevention Network’s Regional theme for 2005 emphasized engaging men in the efforts to prevent violence against women and HIV/AIDS, the theme was: “Men and Women Joining Hands to Prevent VAW and HIV/AIDS”.

2005 Poster

The Network had 19 participating member organizations.

Each organization received an Action and Advocacy Kit that included the following:

  • Up to 200 full color mini posters calling on men to get involved in the prevention of VAW and HIV/AIDS.
  • Up to 3000 “Prevent Violence Against Women” purple ribbons
  • Flyers about the purple ribbon campaign.
  • Up to 200 stickers on the intersection of VAW and HIV/AIDS.
  • newspaper article on the importance of men getting involved in VAW and HIV prevention.
  • Community Dialogue Guide, providing guidelines for a community dialogue reaching men on the link between VAW and HIV/AIDS.


Learn more about the 2005 campaign here.