2004 16 Days of Activism Campaign

Violence against women increases risk for HIV/AIDS

This was the first annual GBV Prevention Network Campaign for the 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women. The 2004 theme was “Violence against women increases risk for HIV/AIDS”.

The Network had 17 participating member organizations.  2004

Each organization received an Action and Advocacy Kit that included the following:

  • 200 full color posters
  • 3000 purple ‘Prevent violence against Women” ribbons and 3000 safety pins
  • 10 flyers about the purple ribbon campaign
  • press release
  • newspaper article for publication in their local and/or national papers
  • An advocacy seminar guide
  • A CD with all the above materials, as well as a variety of resources and publications on the link between GBV and HIV/AIDS