About 16 Days of Activism

Since 2004, the GBV Prevention Network has increased action and advocacy in preventing regional VAW by creating and promoting a regional voice during the campaign period. The 16 Days of Activism is a yearly, global campaign that addresses the different dimensions and issues of violence against women. Each year a theme is designed for the campaign based on feedback from activists, organizations, and other participating members of the 16 Days Campaign.

During the 16 Days, the Network engages in a regional campaign by collaborating with our own member organizations on a specific theme that is more directly related with the realities of women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Each organization receives an Action and Advocacy Kit to promote activism in their community, and also participate in joint activities. This allows our members to have their own diverse range of experiences with the 16 Days Campaign while still achieving collective action across over 20 countries in the region.

Learn more about the global campaign here.