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Posted by in News on September 18, 2019

Let the Women Lead Us Into A Better Future

The women of South Africa have had enough, and they are ready to lead. For centuries, under British colonial rule,…

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Posted by in News on September 18, 2019

Make the Women’s Vote Count.

According to Electoral institute for Sustainable Democracy data, more than 15 African countries will be holding elections this year.  Both…

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Posted by in Announcements, News, Social Media on May 25, 2017

Fighting Violence against Women: What Happens when an Organisation Fails to Follow its Values

Article: Groups fighting violence against women must be mindful and watchful of drivers of oppression and violence within their own…

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Posted by in News on September 25, 2015

Aspen New Voices Fellowship Announces Call for 2016 Nominations

Washington: The Aspen Institute seeks nominations for one-year non-resident media skills and coaching program for next generation of global development…

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Africa: Corporate Africa Needs More Women As Company Directors

Africa: More Female board members and directors are needed to sharpen the continent’s competitive edge and inclusive growth. As part…

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Posted by in News on May 22, 2015

Somalia; Fadumo Dayib Reveals Her Candidacy for Somalia’s 2016 Elections

Somalia: When Fadumo Dayib announced her bid to run for President of Somalia on national TV last year, people thought she…

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