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Posted by in News on March 5, 2018

Tanzania: More Needs to Be Done to Achieve Gender Equality

Tanzania: Although all the 17 UN-backed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are important, “gender equality” coming as high up as item…

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Posted by in News on February 6, 2017

We Need Strategies to Safeguard Schoolgirls

Tanzania: Action Plan, a non-governmental organisation, has come up with a project aimed at safeguarding the welfare of schoolgirls in…

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Posted by in News on October 3, 2016

Civil Society Pushes for EAC Gender Equality Bill

East Africa: The Eastern African Sub-regional Support Initiative for the Advancement of Women (EASSI), together with affiliated regional civil society…

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Posted by in News on September 20, 2016

Respecting Women’s Rights

Tanzania: Women have suffered a great deal at the hands of some men. Some only gather the courage to speak…

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Posted by in News on September 5, 2016

Tanzania: Gender Based Violence Escalating

Tanzania: A RECENT survey has shown that gender based violence is spiraling with pronounced cases occurring in Kagera, Mara, Mwanza…

Posted by in News on June 14, 2016

Pregnant Women Face Violence

Tanzania: An Interdisciplinary research project has come out with preliminary findings that in Northern Tanzania one in every three women…

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Posted by in News on June 7, 2016

Insufficiency of forensic evidence stymies fight against GBV offenders

Tanzania: Insufficient collection of forensic evidence and poor management of scenes of crime are a stumbling block in cracking the…

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Posted by in News on May 6, 2016

FGM Rituals Remain Dangerous

Tanzania: Early marriage is a serious social problem in this country. Underage marriage is one of the principal causes of…

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Posted by in News on April 28, 2015

Tanzania cracks down on “sextortion” by public officials

Tanzania has warned its public officials that using positions of power to extort sexual favours from women will no longer…

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Posted by in News on April 20, 2015

Attacks on elderly Tanzania women spark plan against witch hunters

Tanzania: A rising number of attacks on elderly women in Tanzania accused of witchcraft has prompted the launch of a campaign…

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