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Social Media Toolkit to Build Feminist Support for Article on Gender-based Violence

“It’s not about the gender binary, it’s about the gender hierarchy” International Review of the Red Cross, Issue No. 901, Spring 2017

The Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM), a group of activists, researchers and programmers working on violence against women and girls across the Global South, would like to bring your attention to an article that has just been published in the International Review of the Red Cross (IRRC). Written by GBV expert Jeanne Ward, the article is entitled, “It’s not about the gender binary, it’s about the gender hierarchy: A reply to ‘Letting Go of the Gender Binary’ “ (attached for your review). It is a response to an article written by Chris Dolan of the Refugee Law Project that seeks to reframe GBV discourse and practice away from a feminist-informed focus on women and girls.

COFEM is requesting your support in distributing the article because it addresses many issues relevant to our shared work. We invite you to use this social media toolkit while engaging in online discussions around the article and to share this with women’s rights organizations and feminist activists or other individuals.

Read more here and access the social media toolkit here

Source: COFEM

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