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Shuffling Paedophiles is not the answer to making Education Safe for all Girls

Africa: “He did it in a classroom, the staff room and in his house”. 12-year-old Mary and 13-year-old Mercy (not their real names) were sexually abused by a deputy head teacher on numerous occasions and on diverse dates. He assaulted them in different places in and around their school. During the investigation, it also emerged that the teacher had been transferred from another school due to committing the same violations. He was a serial rapist. Period.

The education system did a good job of covering his tracks. In passing her judgement in this public interest litigation case, Judge Mumbi Ngugi had referred to this as “shuffling of paedophiles” by the Teachers’ Service Commission.

Education is critical in transforming the lives of young women and girls yet gender based violence in our schools
undermine this aspiration. We need to be conscious that nothing can ever restore the children’s innocence lost. It leaves scars that are unlikely to heal.

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Source: This is Africa


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