Posted by in on July 14, 2014

Summary of Research on Obstetric Problems Following Female Genital Mutilation – A Survey in Six African Countries

This study, reported in The Lancet in 2006, provides a wealth of information which shows clearly that women who have undergone FGM are much more likely to suffer obstetric complications at childbirth than women who have not been subject to the procedure. The study, which was conducted in six African countries by a WHO collaborative group, also showed that the risk of obstetric complications was higher when the FGM was more extensive.

The complete article on “Female genital mutilation and obstetric outcome: WHO collaborative prospective study in six African countries” is available for registered users of The Lancet at A summary is available without registration. A pre-print copy of the full article has been made available by WHO from the link below.  

Source: World Health Organization