Posted by in on October 20, 2013

Gender-based Violence in Africa: Perspectives from the Continent

This is a compilation of various writings concerned with issues of gender-based violence in Africa. The extensive compilation consists of seven chapters: 1. ‘Gender-based violence and the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women’; 2. ‘The African regional response to gender-based violence’; 3. ‘SADC initiatives aimed at combating gender-based violence’; 4. ‘The “appeal” of sexual violence: The Akayesu/Gacumbitsi cases’; 5. ‘Arenas of anguish — tracking multiple, perpetuating trauma in HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence intersections’; 6. ‘Female genital mutilation as a manifestation of gender-based violence in Africa’; and 7. ‘State response to trafficking in women and children in Africa – The Nigerian experience’.