Posted by in on October 29, 2011

Final Report of the Fact-Finding Missions of the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office into the Mass Rapes and Other Human Rights Violations Committed by a Coalition of Armed Groups Along theKibua-Mpofi Axis in Walikale Territory

This report by the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO) relates to the attacks on civilians by a coalition of armed groups in 13 villages along the Kibua-Mpofi axis in Walikale territory, North Kivu, between 30 July and 2 August 2010. It follows on the preliminary report on these attacks published by the UNJHRO on 24 September 2010. Since then, the UNJHRO has carried out additional investigations into these attacks and can confirm a higher number of victims comparing to the one published in September 2010.