Posted by in on March 13, 2017

Exploring Couples’ Processes of Change in the Context of SASA! a #VAWG & #HIV Prevention Intervention

VAW and HIV: There is now a growing body of research indicating that prevention interventions can reduce intimate partner violence (IPV); much less is known, however, about how couples exposed to these interventions experience the change process, particularly in low-income countries. Understanding the dynamic process that brings about the cessation of IPV is essential for understanding how interventions work (or don’t) to reduce IPV.

This study aimed to provide a better understanding of how couples’ involvement with SASA!—a violence against women and HIV-related community mobilisation intervention developed by Raising Voices in Uganda—influenced processes of change in relationships.

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Authors: Starmann E., Collumbien M., Kyegombe N., Devries K., Michau L., Musuya T., Watts C., Heise L.

Source: STRIVE