Posted by in on August 26, 2014

Annotated Bibliography: Responding to the Impact of Gender-Based Violence

The RESPOND Project is pleased to announce the publication of Responding to the Impact of Gender-Based Violence: An Annotated Bibliography for Integrated Family Planning and Gender-Based Violence Services. A compilation of the most current and relevant resources on the integration of gender-based violence (GBV) and reproductive health service provision, this bibliography is designed for those seeking to develop, expand, or improve standards of care and clinic operating policies and procedures. The resources have been divided among eight categories based on the nature of their content, including: GBV and general service integration; GBV and family planning and reproductive health service integration; GBV and HIV service integration; conducting family planning counseling; challenging root causes of GBV; GBV in conflict and humanitarian settings; GBV as human rights; and region-specific information. Each entry includes a brief summary of the resource and its application in the context of GBV and reproductive health and family planning integration. Highlighting the lessons learned from existing programs, training tools, and research conducted in the global North and global South, this bibliography emphasizes the work conducted in under-resourced regions of the globe.

Source: Zunia