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Protect women – at all cost

Kenya: In May 2015, the Protection Against Domestic Violence Act was assented to in Kenya and came into effect on 4 June. With this, Kenya finally had comprehensive legislation that addressed violence within families. However, says Aisha Ali Haji, despite this legislation, Kenya is still failing to protect victims of domestic abuse. Domestic and intimate partner violence (IVP) is a prevailing problem in Kenya, as in the recent case of Jackline Mwende,  a woman who allegedly had her hands chopped off by her husband due to their ongoing childlessness (caused by his impotence). This case caught the attention of Kenyans, especially on social media, when it was also
revealed that Mwende had been advised to stay with her husband despite the danger she continuously faced.

This article was written as part of the GBV Prevention Network violence against women social media campaign.

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Author: Aisha Ali

Source: This is Africa


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