Women Rehabilitation and Development Association

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50 meters off airport road west of Star Hotel and Supermarket in Hargeisa,Somaliland

Hargeisa , Somalia

Primary Contact

Kinzi Hussein Kowdhan

Type of Organization/Institute

Non-governmental organization (NGO)

Mission Statement

WORDA is a non-profit making and non-political organization engaged in the development of communities in Somaliland. The aims and objectives established for this organization are to meet community needs as a whole with special emphasis to women and youth. Because women including female youth are the majority and backbone of every society but yet are the most vulnerable in terms to access education, Health, poor civic rights education, limited access to economic, face violation of human rights and also limited inclusive participation. WORDA pursuit of efforts to promote the target beneficiaries/community attainment of livelihood and social well being are consistent with access to education and skills, civic rights education enhanced, and increased women’s participation in democratic processes. WORDA envisages self-sustained and rights respected for all Somaliland citizens with no social and economic setbacks (vision). With its expertise, it strives to upgrade civic participation in governance, human rights, and livelihoods for vulnerable Somaliland people as whole and women in particular through advocacy, capacity promotion training, enhancing livelihood skills education, and provision of material packages (mission).

Primary Strategies