Umoja wa Wawezeshaji KIOO

Contact Information



Kigoma, Tanzania, United Republic of

Primary Contact

Edward Bihaga Saimon

Type of Organization/Institute

Non-governmental organization (NGO)

Mission Statement

KIOO’s mission is to advocate for women rights to own land and other property including decision making, better education and vocational skills for most vulnerable children, environmental, agriculture and food security, good governance and accountability, health system strengthening, child protection, care and support to most vulnerable children, taking action to water sanitation problems in the community.
KIOO believes that all people are equal, and the world is a good place where all people are cared for, where everyone’s needs are met, respected and valued. KIOO is prioritizing the most vulnerable and marginalized people, working through communities with other social partners to improve people live and ending poverty and we wants to make difference by empowering young people in Kigoma and Tanzania in general through vocational, business and entrepreneurship training.

Primary Strategies