Somaliland Environment Health Organization (SEVO)

Contact Information

+252 6352529

Ali Mahdi Road,A.D, Half London

Hargeisa, Somalia

Primary Contact

Abdiaziz Suudi

Type of Organization/Institute

Non-governmental organization (NGO)

Mission Statement

To achieve the vision of the organization SEVO is to make a significant contribution to assure the Vision of the Organization
to the entire community on the following points.

Improve water and sanitation of the target groups.
To assist the vulnerable group who were affected by the floods and drought.
Improve Environmental protection issues, through awareness engagements and sensitization of the community in the target regions.
Provide quantities as well as qualitative education to Togdheer and Hargeisa regions’ community though collaboration with grass-root level.
Build the capacity of the organization as well as the different stakeholders through seminars and workshop in participatory approaches.
Empower women to engage civil work development as well as peace initiative through consensus and mutual agreement approaches.
To reduce excessive poverty through creating micro-credit and self-sustain supportive project to the community grass-roots though
enhancement of livelihood projects.
Create rapport of inter-linkage of between the donors and the community through positive approaches and discussions.

Primary Strategies

Thematic Actions Group