Safer Cities programme, UN-HABITAT (Kenya)

Contact Information

000254 - 20 - 762 4570

P.O. Box: 30030, GPO 00100

Nairobi, Kenya

Primary Contact

Cecilia Andersson

Mission Statement

“In line with the Habitat Agenda and in collaboration with other UN agencies (UNDP, UNICEF, UNESCO), the Safer Cities programme provides support to local authorities by:
– Strengthening their capacity to address urban safety issues and reduce delinquency, violence and insecurity;
– Promoting crime prevention initiatives, implemented in collaboration with central and local authorities, the criminal justice system, the private sector and civil society;
– Encouraging city networks in order to facilitate the exchange of expertise and good practices, which will be replicable in other regions as well as encourage international exchange of knowledge and expertise on crime prevention;
– Preparing and implementing capacity building programmes, and disseminating lessons learnt in close collaboration with qualified partners from the North and the South;
– Targeting three main areas of prevention: actions aimed at groups at risk, situational prevention, and reform of the criminal justice system”

Focal Issues

Thematic Actions Group