Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence (RECESVID)

Contact Information

+256 774 856369 / +256 772 335 445

Basement Floor, Silva Arcade, Plot 62 Bombo Road Opposite YMCA, Room[B-8]

P.O. Box: 2932

Kampala , Uganda

Primary Contact

Sharon Lamwaka

Mission Statement

Mission: To rehabilitate victims of domestic and sexual abuse and violence as well as advocate for a generation of Ugandans free from abuse and violence. Key Programmes RECESVID has the following Strategic Objectives to accomplish during a three-year period: Strategic Objectives In order to realise its mission, RECESVID will pursue the following strategic objectives: 1. To provide quality holistic rehabilitation services to victims of domestic and sexual violence, that is; ? Provision of quality counselling including psychological rehabilitation to traumatised men, women and children (clients) to assist in their recovery from the effects of domestic abuse and sexual violence; ? Refer clients for further management (e.g., external medical treatment); ? Conduct follow up support to clients in their community settings; ? Provide legal advice to victims of domestic and sexual abuse. 2. Advocate for the prevention of domestic and sexual violence towards men, women and children; ? Increased awareness among members of the general public / community about domestic and sexual violence and its consequences; ? Advocacy against domestic and sexual violence; ? Carry out baseline surveys, research and documentation; ? Inspection of prisons and other places of detention; ? Expand and strengthen networks and collaboration with stakeholders/partners working against domestic and sexual violence. ? Development and distribution of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials to partners and the general public. 3. To strengthen the institutional and organisational capacity of RECESVID to effectively and efficiently deliver on her mandate; ? Ensure quality services to domestic and sexual violence survivors through specialized training and care for care givers; ? Develop internal capacity of RECESVID leadership and management to effectively play their roles; ? Develop a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for RECESVID; ? Develop mechanisms for sustaining RECESVID campaigns against domestic and sexual violence.

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