Norwegian People’s Aid (Rwanda)

Contact Information

+250 088-582-15

P.O. Box: 2966

Kigali, Rwanda

Primary Contact

Kevin Gatete Thierry

Mission Statement

My organisation’s focus is fighting violence against women in general, and domestic violence in particular. Our main activities are chain (TOT) training of couples (train couples that will train other couples for those to train others, etc.) in the same logic we have developed a DV training manual and a handbook. We also target church leaders and local authorities (couples we work hand-in-hand with the national police, especially the police gender desk of the district). We have achieved mass weddings (mass regularisation of cultural marriages), the manual, a wide range of trainers throughout the community, and we have seriously enhanced the understanding of the community around the danger of violence against women. At the moment, we are building networks of fighting DV among the trained couples in their respective sectors.