MONFEMNET National Network

Contact Information


Ulaanbaatar, 14201 Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Mongolia

Primary Contact

Enkhjargal Davaasuren

Type of Organization/Institute

Non-governmental organization (NGO)

Mission Statement

MONFEMNET National Network is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental organization, with a mission to serve as a strong driving force for the development of a national, broad-based, democratic, sustainable and transformative movement for women’s human rights, gender equality, substantive democracy, and social justice.

MONFEMNET’s work is guided by its vision of a society, in which every person enjoys an equal right o live in dignity and freedom, without fear or oppression, develop his/her potential and determine his/her life-path in pursuit of happiness, regardless of gender, age, religion, partisan affiliation, ethnicity, geographic location, sexual orientation, social status, race, and other categories.

MONFEMNET’s three-prong strategy focuses on promoting cultural transformation, policy and institutional reform, and movement building. It uses a human rights/gender-equality based approach and strives to institutionalize a non-violent and non-hierarchical, inclusive and respectful, open and participatory, transparent and accountable process as a basis for creative, sustainable and fair solutions to societal challenges.

Primary Strategies