Livelihood Relief & Development Organization

Contact Information


km4-Talex street

Mogadishu, Somalia

Primary Contact

Zeynab Mohamud Ibrahim

Type of Organization/Institute

Non-governmental organization (NGO)

Mission Statement

Livelihood Relief and Development Organization works with local people affected by natural & manmade
Disasters, to improve their safety and sense of security, and conduct wider larger research in humanitarian Crises & Public Health.
This evidence and learning to improve local and national practices that can help build lasting peace, recovery or social unity
Peace and development within the Somali community.
We are a none-profit making organization with programmes in Somalia and operate also in Kenyan as Senior
Liaison officer. We receive funding from a range of donors including governments, the European
Commission, trusts and individuals
What we do
We are a humanitarian and development organization with activities mainly in livelihood Livelihood, WASH, Food Security & Protection
Development for the Somali community in the following thematic areas;
LRDO believes in a worldwide, where everyone can lead healthy, fulfilling lives, free from fear of
Natural & Manmade disasters
The mission is to access and help Somali community to implement all
Emergency, Relief & development activities by creating Jobs for Somali
Youths, empower women and protect children from danger and abuse.
To alleviate hunger and diseases
To train Agro- pastoral and riverine farmer-community on new farming technologies of Fruit & Vegetable production rather than Cereals
To mobilize community on good Hygiene & sanitation promotion
To create awareness on peace and security issues among Somali Society
To sensitize Somali community in respecting human right issues for all Gender
Our values
Integrity as an organization is derived from the values and principles that underpin and
Guide our own work and the work of those we build relationships with. We believe:
In the worth, equality and dignity of every person.
Inclusiveness and accountability are the most essential in society if people are to enjoy security, justice
& peaceful coexistence
Our actions must show honesty, transparency and consistency with our principles and the
Mission: we profess Humanitarian Law of Implementation
Our Strategy is to:
Strengthen people’s security and access to Emergency & development assistance
Challenge gender norms that cause and perpetuate retrogressive practices
Promote peace building processes and governance systems that is inclusive, fairness, responsive,
Accumulate & address the root causes of conflict to those concerns.
collaborate with all stakeholders in the delivery of programmes in the life line within our vision and
Planning, assessing, Monitoring, Evaluating & analyzing all Challenges & impacts related to Humanitarian Crises
Organization Protocol or linkage policy
•Looking, Listening & Learning from
•Regulations. Relationships in Rationale
•Collaboration. Coordination, Consultation & Controlling
•Flexibility in Feasibility of Favoritism
•Interviewing, Indicating on Importance
•Assessing for Attaining aims in appraisals
•Designing Directing for Delivery
•Planning, proposing & promoting
•Innovating, insights on Impacts
•Negotiating ,Nitty-gritty in Numerous
•Caring Community for Cultures
•Motivating in Movements for Mutual Understanding
•Working in Risk time at Risk Place
•Community Entry Level with Attraction for comprehension

Thematic Actions Group