Efforts Against Poverty (EFAP)

Contact Information


000 254-715-455-588 or 000 254-737-396-688

P.O. Box: 9103 - 40141

Kisumu, Kenya

Primary Contact

Shadrack Oyier

Mission Statement

EFAP was formed to reduce the poverty levels in rural and peri-urban communities through capacity building and knowledge enhancement within their program areas of focus. Objectives: 1. To promote formal education among girls and boys as a strategy for sustainable poverty reduction and attainment of quality life; 2. To increase the number of women, men and youths who engage in self employment as means of job creation and economic empowerment in rural and peri-urban communities; 3. To promote gender equality, human rights protection and HIV&AIDS interventions in rural and peri-urban communities; 4. To advocate for environmental protection and maintenance towards promotion of biodiversity and nature conservation; 5. To promote alternative skills and talents development among the youths in and out of school; 6. To promote capacity building trainings for adult and youthful Kenyans in modem farming techniques and assist them to acquire managerial skills; 7. To promote networking and partnership with like-minded organizations or other bodies having objectives similar to those of EFAP.