Community Development Agency[CDA]

Contact Information


Yirol west county-Lakes state

Juba, South Sudan

Primary Contact

Andrew Mayor Akuot

Type of Organization/Institute

Community-based Organisation (CBO)

Mission Statement

Community Development Agency [CDA]: is a non-political, non profit-making Civil society organization formed in 2012 by individuals who are concern and interested in transforming the community into peaceful co-existence and economic development for the people of Lakes as well as of South Sudan in general, CDA is operating in Greater Yirol with the overall mission of promoting girl’s education, women empowerment, HIV/AIDs awareness, peace building programs, food security, vocational skills and gender main streaming through the provision of educational and agricultural inputs to transform the vulnerable groups from life of dependency to self reliance and pacification of communities to cohesively exist for sustainable development of the population and their environment.

Primary Strategies