Community Aid International (CAIN )

Contact Information



HOHOE, Ghana

Primary Contact

Samuel Danso

Type of Organization/Institute

Non-governmental organization (NGO)

Mission Statement

COMMUNITY AID INTERNATIONAL (CAIN): is a local registered non profit non governmental organization.

CAIN: is based in the Volta Region of Ghana.
CAIN: believes that young people have essential qualities to bring to the fight against poverty.
We believe that every young person has the creativity, passion and determination to change the community around them.
And we believe that by supporting education and encouraging entrepreneurship, we can empower young people to realize their full potential.
That’s why we’re here. We want to unlock the potential of young people and work towards a vision of a world where every young person can make a difference.

Is to works with women and children to help them identify and resolve their own problems. Our approach assists whole communities develop the capacity to overcome the effects of poverty and create a new future. We believe that when the poor themselves are the initiators in resolving the problems of poverty, the results are sustainable and they have the tools necessary to succeed far into the future.

Is to grow into a well-organized and reputable organization playing leading roles nationally and internationally in building a secure future for communities through socio-economic empowerment
To improve the quality of life for all people, to build hope, to advance human rights, to strengthen the fabric of community, and to strengthen democratic society. We support sustainable and regenerative programs that have measurable outcomes and replicable models with beneficial results. We work to reduce poverty by promoting economic development and promoting changes in social and economic systems that help create environments for growth.

Thematic Actions Group