Contact Information


Garoua - Djamboutou Santa Barbara 1200

Garoua, Cameroon

Primary Contact

Georges Bonabe

Type of Organization/Institute

Community-based organization (CBO)

Mission Statement

Bonabe Global Health initiative is an association of changes in the northern regions of Cameroon.
We are multicentric and our interest is in promotion and education for global health.
We contribute to the development of the most landlocked communities by training and promoting income-generating activities/education.
These activities are for us a way for people to be self-sufficient and to be fulfilled.
BGHI is also the framework for promoting acceptance and social cohesion. Thus, our fight for the well-being of women goes into promoting the education of girls on an equal basis as boys and evaluation of intercommunity strategies to perpetuate the gender approach.
We also aim at cultural enhancement through the promotion of art and culture.