Anglican Church of Tanzania – Diocese of Mara

Contact Information

+255 (028) – 2620988

P.O. Box: 131

Musoma, Tanzania, United Republic of

Primary Contact

Ms Rhobi Samwelly

Mission Statement

ACT Mara has a vision of transforming lives of its Christians and Mara society as a whole through the power of the gospel. As a church, the DM must maintain its identity by putting evangelism in the forefront. God’s power derived through the gospel should be sovereign and the driving force in all its Christian undertakings, since successes in both spiritual and physical endeavours emanates from God’s will. The diocesan vision states: “Lives transformed through the power of the Gospel.”
The diocesan old mission (until August 2007) was stated as “moving with the Holy Spirit in service and fruitfulness”. It was evident that the statement was biased with spiritual achievement, however, did not indicate a reasonable link with physical aspirations. A need for a new statement that is bounded with spiritual and physical achievements was therefore inevitable. The statement should supposedly be in line with the vision where the DM expects all people to fight poverty by living a fruitful life that ensures sustainability and abundance. The new mission statement goes as: “To be the best Christian provider of spiritual and development services in the entire Mara Region.”

Thematic Actions Group