African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)

Contact Information

000 254 2 3741301

P.O. Box: 54562

Nairobi, Kenya

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Mission Statement

“Since its inception in 1988, FEMNET has played a leadership role for African women’s NGOs at regional and international decision-making and policy fora. FEMNET works in three main programme areas: Advocacy, training and communication.
FEMNET launched the Men to Men Initiative in 2001, to mark the Sixteen Days of Activism Against Violence on Women. The Consultation resulted in the creation of a Regional Network of Men Against Gender Based Violence, and a plan of action for a regional programme to be implemented with the male partner groups that participated in the Consultation.
The partner organisations undertook to implement the country level activities as outlined in the plan of action. On its part, FEMNET undertook the co-ordination of the regional component of the programme, and also to provide technical assistance to the collaborating partners.
FEMNET aims to strengthen the role and contribution of African NGOs focusing on women’s development, equality and other human rights. It also aims to provide an infrastructure for and a channel through which these NGOs can reach one another and share information, experiences and strategies to as to improve their input into women’s development, equality and other women’s human rights in Africa.
FEMNET’s specific objectives include:
– exchanging experiences in planning, implementing and evaluating women’s programmes and projects through interaction with NGOs, development agencies and relevant regional and international intergovernmental bodies
– promoting women’s activities in Africa through the strengthening of existing organisations and the establishment of new ones as may be needed
– playing vanguard and catalytic roles in the treatment of feminist issues which cannot be handled by government gender mechanisms due to the threat that such issues pose to patriarchal states
– promoting the better utilisation of African women’s NGOs by development agencies and regional and international intergovernmental organisations such as the OAU and the various UN agencies
– mobilising resources for African women’s development, equality and other women’s human rights by local, regional and international sources
– enabling collective action by African women’s movements in order to tackle regional gender issues.”