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Let’s Talk About Power on Social Media October 5th – 27th,2015

Power Campaign The Gender Based Violence Prevention Network invites you to join our online conversation with the hashtag #Power101. Let’s talk about power in all its varied manifestations: power with, power within, power to, power over. Let’s talk about how power has affected our lives, and those around us. Let’s talk about how we can use power positively to end violence against women. Join us in conversation via Twitter (@GBVnet) and on Facebook

Power affects each and every one of us. As individuals, we have power within us, and the ability to have power with others. Power can be used positively or negatively. Positive power manifests internally as self-confidence and can motivate us to change our lives, and the lives of others. When we lack power, we feel stuck, and unable to change the course of our lives.

Negative power can be that force we employ against those who are marginalized, or in a disadvantaged position. It can be manifested by the actions of an unfair employer for example who takes advantage of an individual’s need for work, and pays them below the market rate, or denies them the full employment benefits as required by law. Negative power can be that wielded by the patriarchal husband who expects his wife to cater to his every need without question. Can you think of others ways in which power can be abused? Clearly power shapes our lives, and the lives of communities.