Why Get Moving!?

While the increase in public dialogue, programming, and investment around VAW is promising, the greater attention may come with certain drawbacks. Our experience suggests that the nature and tone of civil society is significantly different compared to ten years ago when the GBV Prevention Network was born – essentially shifting from a social justice orientation to a ‘development framework.’ What this means is that the work of preventing and responding to VAW has become increasing technical rather than political.

What have we learned from Get Moving!?

One exciting success emerges clearly from the many voices included in this reflection; overwhelmingly participants are enthusiastic about Get Moving! and describe it as a powerful process that contributes to the growth of individuals and organizations.

Get Moving! Promotes self discovery – consciousness-raising is the cornerstone of the Get Moving! approach and all ten topics include activities designed to spark critical reflection and introspection. As one facilitator explained, “the process is designed to raise three powerful questions: Who am I? What do I stand for? and How am I living my values through my work?” Our observations indicate that this core intention resonates with participant experiences.

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