Posted by in News on February 22, 2016

Learning from Practice: Creating an organizational culture for social justice activism

Raising Voices has worked for the prevention of violence against women and children by catalyzing change in the nature of relationships between women and men, girls and boys, children and adults, since 1999. At Raising Voices, we understand violence as an abuse of power, not only at an individual level but at a broader level where norms, systems and structures tacitly accept and perpetuate violence. This analysis permeates all of our work at Raising Voices, which is fundamentally based on a commitment to social justice. Our organizational culture embraces the idea that the social change we seek to inspire in others must begin with ourselves — with committing to personal reflection and change, ethically using power at work and at home, recognizing that activism does not start when we walk through the office doors, and supporting each other as we strive to do all of this with compassion and vigilance.

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Source: Raising Voices