In Her Shoes helps spread awareness about the different ways violence manifests in the daily lives of women, and brings us face to face with the multitude of challenges women face when seeking help. The toolkit represents an important step for our long-term work of changing the attitudes and beliefs that condone violence against women. Stories include sensitive subjects about women experiencing violence, which spurs our commitment to take action and improve our support for survivors of violence.

Demand for the kit has been high, with more than 900 copies distributed in both English and Swahili. 18 member organizations have hosted workshops for In Her Shoes in 10 countries. This means thousands of people from a diverse array of professions have experiences walking in the shoes of women experiencing violence, and have begun to change their approaches to this problem. Here are a few things people reflected upon after engaging with the In Her Shoes toolkit:


        • “This exercise makes it clear that women in all walks of life face violence in one way or another–either directly or indirectly. It’s left for us to start recognizing that fact and know of strategies to start working against it from within ourselves.” – Girls’ Power Initiative (GPI) Participant, Nigeria Dissemination Workshop


        • “Why are we perpetuating violence to women who come to seek support from us when they are victims of violence? Why do we think that it’s her fault to be victimized? We must change our negative attitude from now!” – Municipal Community Development Officer, Women’s Promotion Center, Tanzania


        • “In Her Shoes allowed participants to appreciate the many forms of violence against women and extend their understanding beyond identifying only sexual and physical abuse; they could now identify emotional abuse, control, structural violence, and others.” – Participant, University of the Witwatersrand: Facilitated by Dr. Mzi Nduna, Department of Psychology


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