How to Get Moving!

Get Moving! is designed to be facilitated by one staff member from within your organization and to engage everyone, from directors to  support staff, program officers to senior management, as equal participants in the process. It explores ten provocative topics that encourage deep individual and collective reflection, revealing insights that are key to achieving a higher quality of work.

The Get Moving! package contains:

A Facilitator’s Guide: detailed instructions for conducting interactive sessions, building shared knowledge, and supporting positive change within organizations.

A Participant’s Workbook: a notebook and reader in one, given to each participant, to foster positive reflection at home and increase engagement with Get Moving! ideas.


The Facilitator’s Guide works in tandem with the Participant’s Workbook in a thoughtful, three-staged platform that builds our knowledge of VAW prevention work, applies activity topics to individuals through self-reflection, and concludes with an exploration of how activity topics are used within our organizations.

The Get Moving! Facilitator’s Guide and Participant’s Workbook are collaborative tools that engage in an interactive workshop format, to lead participants in a thorough analysis of ten dynamic and thought-provoking topics. These topics cover a range of issues aimed at raising critical consciousness around our personal and organizational values, violence and injustice, and how we use power in our lives and our work. Get Moving! helps us to become more connected to our passion for VAW Prevention, enhance our VAW prevention skills, and expands our commitment from individuals, to organizations, and eventually to our whole movement.

Download Get Moving! Participant’s Workbook 

Download Get Moving! Swahili version Participant’s Workbook

Download Get Moving! French version Participant’s Workbook

Download Get Moving! Facilitator’s Guide

The Network Coordinating Officers will provide technical assistance to you and your team throughout the journey!

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