Get Moving! in Action

After reaching out to ten regional members for their feedback on the Get Moving! process, responses across the board have been optimistic and enthusiastic. The deeply introspective process of Get Moving! takes individuals and organizations through several compelling exercises that help us personalize and internalize the core issues we face in our VAW prevention work. Partners reported significant shifts in individual and collective levels of understanding VAW, power dynamics, the positive use of power in their work environments.

The Coordinating Office offers support for this movement building process by reaching out to Facilitators and Directors with phone calls, emails, physical visits and a diverse range of materials. They also provide participating organizations with monitoring tools to track process and impact. Today, Get Moving! is used by over 11 Network partners in the region, has been showcased at several exciting Network events, and continues to receive rave reviews.


Here are just a few things members had to say about the dynamic Network process, Get Moving!: 

  • “[Get Moving!] evokes you as an individual. When you understand where you stand, you develop good ethics, and working with communities is easier.  [Get Moving!] also helps your own relationships with each other as staff [become] more positive!” – Rwenzori Foundation for Community Development, Executive Director
  • “Before [Get Moving!] we were just working, but not knowing where our passion was coming from.” – Kagisano Women’s Shelter
  • Get Moving! is a powerful internal process that strengthens organizations working in the area of VAW prevention. The process covers provocative topics that reveal insights in the work of Violence against Women.” – WOUGNET, Coordinator

The GBV Prevention Network is thrilled to share that 10 new partner organizations joined us on the journey to Get Moving!  in 2014. During the week-long, kick-off training, held in Kampala in June, participants from around the region gathered to begin the process of connecting to themselves, to their work, and planning how they will better connect to their organizations. The initial training was a deeply reflective and hugely successful experience that allowed participants to explore the resource, practice facilitation, connect with other Get Moving! enthusiasts around the region, and plan for the future. We can’t wait to see how their journeys unfold. Watch this space for news, updates and more.

We are also proud to announce that our partner and GBV Prevention Network member, Kagisano Women’s Shelter in Botswana has just finished the entire Get Moving! process within their organization. For most of 2013 and a bit of 2014, the organization conducted this process with their entire staff. Since beginning Get Moving!, staff members report huge shifts in both their work and internally as individuals. Though certain sensitive topics were tricky at times, Kagisano felt supported and inspired to carry on and address these head-on. They explain that now they better understand one another as unique and important parts of a puzzle, work more strongly as a team, and have gained the organizational confidence to branch out and forge relationships with other organizations doing similar work. This is movement-building! Congratulations, Kagisano—we are so proud of you! To learn more about their process facilitating Get Moving!, read this personal interview with Kagisano here.

Get Moving! is expanding across the globe! The Regional Learning Community for East and Southeast Asia (RLC) credits Get Moving! for significantly influencing their new curriculum, titled Transforming Masculinities towards Gender Justice. Both aim to dispel harmful gender norms and guide individuals and organizations to transform beliefs and practices that perpetuate VAW.