Why Get Moving!?

While the increase in public dialogue, programming, and investment around VAW is promising, the greater attention may come with certain drawbacks. In view of the trends where civil society has shifted from a social justice orientation to a ‘development framework, we saw an opportunity and a need to engage others working on VAW to develop a shared understanding of core VAW concepts and connect to a more politicized perspective.

What have we learned from Get Moving!?

One exciting success emerges clearly from the many voices included in this reflection; overwhelmingly participants are enthusiastic about Get Moving! and describe it as a powerful process that contributes to the growth of individuals and organizations.

A key takeaway from this reflection is that after four years of programming, Get Moving! has registered notable successes at both personal and organizational levels. These shifts are likely to have ripple effects as individual Get Moving! participants and organizations who have undergone the process interact with growing VAW networks.

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