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Engaging Men and Boys Against GBV

On December 15, Peace Corps hosted a panel discussion in D.C. titled, Engaging Men and Boys: A Call to Action Against Gender-based Violence. All of the anti-GBV work highlighted at the event addressed the underlying power differentials and rigid gender norms of masculinity and femininity that negatively affect men, women, boys, and girls. Panelists discussed the importance of community buy-in from both men and women, and how to get that buy-in. They agreed it is essential to work with community members who will be seen as credible messengers to the rest of the community. They also agreed it is best to start with familiar vocabulary and a primary, secondary, or tertiary driver of GBV that is accessible and easy for your particular audience to understand.

One panelist shared that what she finds so exciting and inspiring about anti-GBV work is that we know what works; more research and evidence is absolutely necessary on more programs and in more locations, but evidence already exists on how to reduce and prevent GBV. She referred to the Raising Voices SASA! Program, which targets power imbalances between women, men, girls, and boys to address violence against women and HIV.

Source: WI HER

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