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Donor Ethics and the Revolution in the Making: Understanding the Role of Wellbeing in Human Rights Funding

Wellbeing: The revolution is in the making. Thousands of people march everyday in almost every country in the world to keep pressuring their governments, to protest police brutality, and to make their voices heard. In Brazil, women have been organizing against sexual harassment, and through a social media campaign called #EuNãoMereçoSerEstuprada, they were able to share their own personal stories of everyday misogyny and violence.

We want the revolution to happen, but to do so, we as funders, together with activists, need to be able to dance. To dance fully, using all of our muscles and limbs, singing in chorus, celebrating and mourning as needed. To do so, we must engage in conversations around donor ethics. Donor ethics includes funding for wellbeing and safety for our grantees, which can only happen if we understand and utilize care practices, as individuals and as organizations, collectively. Only then will we stop ‘abusing’ activists by demanding ever-more measurable results and lengthy reports rather than funding their basic healthcare needs or providing unrestricted funds to support their children’s school fees, maternity leave, pensions, or basic security measures for their offices and homes.

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Source: The International Human Rights Funders Group



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