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Adebisi’s Feminism: Shaped by the past, sustained by the present

About a writer and photographer from Nigeria and the ancestral forces that led to her kind of feminism.

The alarm goes off at 3:00am daily for Adebisi. She confirms that it’s part of her motivation to write, something she has done since primary school.

“(I) Gave it up upon entering the university because I thought no one would take me seriously as a writer.”

Ten years later, she picked it up again. If she ignores the alarm she says, “I miss writing so much that I run back to it”.

Through her writing practice, Adebisi explores issues connected to feminism, gender and topics with strong social and political context. She has written on child marriage in Uganda, ending sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, sponsoring women technology events, nurturing one’s own creativity, gender stereotypes at work and other spaces.

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