Through the work of the GBV Prevention Network, we hope to increase momentum for VAW prevention across the region. We conceptualize momentum as all categories of work to address VAW, including prevention, advocacy, response and more. It involves an organized collective of different individuals, organizations, coalitions, allies, and institutions working in a politicized way towards the shared goal of contributing to a world free from violence against women.

Beliefs and Values of the Network

  • We believe everyone has a right to live free from violence.
  • We recognize that women are most affected by VAW and therefore they are the priority in our work.
  • We believe that stopping violence against girls and women before it starts is critical.
  • We recognize that violence against women happens because of the imbalance of power in relationships between men and women.
  • We believe that it is possible to change these power dynamics and prevent violence against women.
  • We believe that men have an important role to play in creating violence-free relationships, families and communities.
  • We recognize that in order for violence against women to end, fundamental changes in long-held attitudes and beliefs about the value of women and the roles they are able to play need to change.
  • We strive to create a culture supportive of women’s and girls’ right to live free from violence.

Do you share our beliefs and values? Join us here.