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Tackling Violence Against Women In Africa

Africa: When one of Africa’s biggest music superstar, Kofi Olumide was recently caught on camera angrily kicking one of his female dancers at the Nairobi airport, many African women were shocked but not surprised. Violence against women in both public and private settings is common place in Africa. Many people have wondered why Africa has not made significant progress in protecting women against violence despite the clear commitment made in 1995 by 53 African nations with the African Union’s Protocol on the Rights of African Women. Beyond the lack of political will, and the unequal power-relationship between men and women in a predominantly patriarchal Africa, there are other underlying causes of this problem.

Time has come for African nations to implement the UN conventions on prevention of violence against women by identifying and ending all religious and cultural customs and practices that perpetuate violence against women. African nations must educate African men to respect the dignity and rights of African women. Women at all levels in Africa should be educated on their rights.

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Source: Huffington Post

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